Here is a selection of articles I have written over the years for RWA chapter newsletters and this website.  There are a wide variety of topics covered.  Hopefully some of them will help you.  Please contact me if you want to reprint any article for your own website or newsletter.  You may feel free to link to this or any article page without asking my permission.

The Basics (from Craft to Busywork)

Book of My What, Now? (June 2008)
To the Point... Of View (April 2008)
Getting Over Your Love Scenes (February 2008)
The Many Stages of Suck (March 2005)
Getting to Know Your Characters (December 2001) 

Industry Stuff

Things That Make Me Nervous (And Should Make You Nervous, Too) (November 2008)
Thanks But No Thanks: Surviving and Learning From Rejection (June 2003)
Ask the Agent Q&A (February 2002)

Playing Nice With Others

Conference Tips (July 2008)
They Eat Their Young, Don't They? (September 2004)

Planning For the Future

Making A Goal, Making It Happen (December 2002)