There are so many really wonderful romance writing and general writing sites out there.  All of these links are to sites I've found particularly helpful or inspiring.  If you have a site you think might fit with the theme of my site, please contact me!  I can't promise I'll add it, but I'll certainly take a look.

Places to Find Me!
The Craft of Writing
Learning the Industry
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Marketing Your Baby
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Places To Find Me (Places on the web where I often visit/post):

Jesse Petersen -- My author site for my zombie comedies (Comedy with Braaaaains...). Check out the first chapter of Married With Zombies and more!

Jenna Petersen -- My author site for my Avon historical romances.  Come here for news on my upcoming releases and other fun stuff!

Jenna's Facebook -- Probably the place I visit and keep updated the most at present. Fan me there!

Jesse's Facebook -- Place to stay up on my zombie comedies. Fan me for special announcements and giveaways.

The Craft of Writing

Callihoo Idea Generator -- A good list of the 37 "master plots" with descriptions.  These may spark an idea for conflict. 

Meg Chittenden's Writing Tips -- Meg Chittenden is an award winning mystery and romance author.  She talks about a variety of topics here from point of view to character to resources.

Gryphon Books for Writers -- A great place to find books about all kinds of writing and research for writers.  Wonderful resources! 

Learning the Industry 

20 Worst Agents -- A list of scammers, schemers and all-around con artists. Avoid these folks at all costs!

Agent Query -- A new site that is a clearinghouse for agents. You can search by name, genre, etc. I don't know how they check out their agents, but it's a pretty cool site. Be sure to check out Agent Query's symposium! Fascinating.

Association of Author's Representatives, Inc (AAR) -- A not-for-profit organization for agents.  Members must pay a fee AND follow a cannon of ethics to belong.  Good for cross-referencing agents you may be interested in and they provide a good list of questions to ask an agent who has agreed to represent you. 

Backspace -- I stumbled upon this magnificent resource authors of all kinds of genres, including romance. Mostly, the information is about agents, but here's the thing... it's info on agents FROM AGENTS! Awesome!!

Brenda Hiatt's Show Me the Money -- Taken from the statistics Hiatt collects each year for her presentation at National, she has written an article that reveals advances and payouts.  Candid, realistic and... well, a bit depressing.  Please note that Hiatt can only go by the replies she receives, so some publishers may not have much info to go by.  

Charlotte Dillon's Resources for Romance Writers -- Charlotte's site has so many links, so many great articles, so much information that I had a hard time deciding where to put it in my own links page.  It could just as easily fit in the Craft, Research or Rejuvenation sections, as well as the industry section.  It's a great site with so much info that you could spend the whole day there.  

Erotic Romance E-Publisher Comparison Site -- This is maybe the most important link I've ever added to Passionate Pen. Emily Veinglory maintains a list of epublishers and lists MANY of their average first month sales. It's very important information because if you can only expect to sell 1 copy in the first month at a publisher, you might want to reconsider it and submit to one that has a higher average. PLEASE check this site if you are considering e-publishers and really THINK about if they fit into your personal plan. And if you are e-published, report your stats! It's just like Brenda Hiatt, she doesn't keep the info.

Karen Fox's Agent List -- Author Karen Fox has a comprehensive list like mine for agents.  However, hers includes agents who don't have websites.  Good resource. 

Piers Anthony E-Publishing Info -- This is a FANTASTIC site! Popular author Piers Anthony has a lot of info mostly on e-publishers that includes specifics on complaints that go into more detail than even Preditors and Editors. Definitely a great place to check if you're researching e-pubs!

Preditors and Editors -- A great site that tells you which editors, agents and others are ones to avoid or ones to flock to.  As always, double-check your info because the ratings here aren't always 100%, but it's a terrific resource I use all the time! 

Publisher's Marketplace -- This wonderful site has great info on all kinds of industry topics. If you pay the monthly fee, you'll also have access to every deal made in publishing (a smaller version of this can be sent to your email free in Deal Lunch). This is just a wonderful site and well worth a long look!

Publisher's Weekly -- Yes, the very same magazine you turn to for industry news is now online.  Read articles, reviews, find events near you, and much more.  Be aware that often Publisher's Weekly Online is a few weeks behind or incomplete when compared to the hard-copy magazine (or else why would you pay that high subscription rate??).  Still, a good resource to check! 

USA Today Bestseller List -- The top 150 books, many of which are romance.  Checking out this weekly guide is a good way to track market trends and see what sells and why.  Plus, it's kind of fun to see who is where in the pecking order. 

Writer Beware -- Hosted through the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers website, this is a great place to learn about bad agents and publishers, as well as learn ways to protect yourself from those who would prey on would-be writers. 

Research Links

American Family Immigration History Center -- Though they have a really boring name, this is a site about Ellis Island.  You can read about the history of American Immigration, arrange for a tour, AND the coolest part is you can search for information on a specific passenger!  A great resource and really fun if you know of a family member who came to America through Ellis Island. 

How Stuff Works -- It's as simple as it sounds.  You can search for a specific item or look at their many "top" subjects.  If you are writing contemporaries this will be especially helpful, though there are some historical references here, too.  A fun, albeit busy, site.

Jo Beverly's Title Madness -- If you write historicals set in England, you may want to check out Jo's easily understandable explanations of titles and who holds what.  This is a confusing subject and one of the best sites on the topic!

Diana's Writing Page -- Happily, Diana Cosby's great writing page has returned!  Come here for great general links, but specific info on Knights, Pirates, Scots, Cops, Sioux, Herbs and more than you can imagine besides!  Wonderful site from a cool lady!   

Literary Liaisons -- A site really meant for the historical romance writer.  Find neat facts and useful info here. 

Modern English to Old English Vocabulary -- Need to know what a word was in Old English?  Here's a way to find out.  Good for naming estates or spicing up your dialogue (though I recommend using time period slang sparingly).   

Writers Free Reference -- A huge compilation of useful links for writers, put into categories. Not a lot of description, but if you have time to surf around, you'll probably find lots of useful stuff.

Marketing Your Baby

A. Sharpe Enterprises, Inc -- My friend Audrey has been her assisting her Mom (bestselling author Vicki Lewis Thompson) for years and now she's opening up those services to other authors, along with editorial services for unpublished authors. Audrey is really put together and she's done some very cool promo stuff for Vicki.

Cafe Press -- Make and sell your own t-shirts and coffee mugs with any graphic design (including your cover) through this site.  Though this may not be ideal for producing items in bulk, it's really cool if you're just doing a special promotion or for something extra and fun. 

Earthly Charms -- WOW!  A great website for promotional info.    This is a great place to spark ideas, and there are articles from all over about promoting yourself well.  Great site! Update: I can say from personal experience that Su Kopil does a wonderful job. I'd highly recommend this site!

Lori Devoti's ARC Guide -- New Kensington author Lori Devoti has a great little article about properly formatting an ARC. Your publisher may give you some of these, but probably not as many as you'd like, so it's good to know how to build one so you can send them out for reviewers, booksellers or as contest giveaways.

Stephie Smith's Promotional Chart for Writers -- This remarkably detailed chart covers just about every aspect of promotion that an author might encounter, with explanations, deadlines and the like. A lot of work went into this page and it shows.

Vista Print -- Kind of a cool place for stationary, business cards and the like. 

Writers Organizations

Sisters in Crime -- Does your work contain a mystery element?  Then you might be interested in joining this group of mystery writers, many of whom began in romance.  They publish several newsletters and articles that could help any author, as well as hosting local chapters, much like RWA.  

Novelists, Inc -- Affectionately known as NINC, this group is for published authors who have been contracted or released two or more books.  They do have good general information on their site and are a good group to shoot for.  They host an annual conference and have pushed agendas to further the rights of published authors.  They are romance friendly.  

Romance Writers of America -- Romance Writers of America. All kinds of resources, local chapters, etc.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc -- If you write romance with a fantastical or sci-fi twist, you may be interested in joining the national organization for sci-fi and fantasy writers.  Though this group focuses mainly on the mainstream subgenres of SF&F, they do have lots of good info for any writer and are the hosts of Writer Beware, a link in the industry section of this website.